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9:30am - 9:00pm


9:30am - 9:00pm


9:30am - 6:00pm


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Beauty Training Harrow
29 Dorchester Way, Kenton, Harrow, Middlesex HA3 9RQ.
Tel: 020 8206 2930 or
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Please give at least 24 hours notice of cancelled appointments so we don’t inconvenience other clients. Regrettably, if no notification is given a £5 fee will be payable on your next visit to the salon.

Beauty Training Harrow, London offers London based beauty training courses in Wax NVQ BT6, Advanced Waxing, Manicure & Pedicure NVQ (BT8 & BT9), Eye Treatments NVQ (BT5), Massage NVQ (Level 3), Facial NVQ (BT4), Cosmetic Self-Tanning [Manual Application]. London beauty school for all beauty and make-up training courses (NVQ and VTCT qualifications) and takes students all year round from North London, South London, East London, West London, North East London, North West London postcodes: London N1, London N2, London N3, London N5, London NW1, London NW2, London NW3, London NW4, London NW5, London NW7, London NW8, London NW11, London W1, London W2, London W3, London W4, London W9, London W10, London W12, London W14, London E1, London E17, London SW1


For all the following treatments we will be using the award-winning Dermalogica product range. A prescription facial is an ideal way to access your true skin type. A professional skin analysis provides you with all the information on the best treatments and preparations to improve all skins.

The Mini Facial (30 mins)
Aimed at those with a busy schedule, but who wish to maintain the benefits of a facial. It helps to revitalise the skin, cleanse, tone, exfoliate, steam, extraction of blocked pores and a mini-stress reducing shoulder and facial massage.


With optional extra application of self-tanning cream


Yvonne’s Original Skin Analysis Facial (75 mins)
Quarter of an hour back massage to help you relax, cleanse, tone, steam, sebum extraction of blackheads, facial, neck and scalp massage, mask; adapted to your individual skin type, made from fresh fruit and vegetables.


With optional extra application of self-tanning cream
Massage Incorporating Hot Stones (1hr 30mins)


With massage incorporating Hot Stones (90 mins)


Deep Cleansing Revitalising Facial (60 mins)
Cleanse, tone, exfoliate using a scrub, intensive steam, extractions of blackheads, mask, neck and face massage.


Galuanic Facial (60 mins)
This facial combats the signs of aging with the advanced technology of Galuanic Facial Gels. The Galuanic current adjusts to your individual skin needs and works to drive the ingredients deep within the skin and to remove any impurities and pore clogging debris.


Micro Dermabrasion (60 mins)
It is a deep form of exfoliation which effectively removes surface dead cells which will improve texture and smoothness of the skin.


Glycolic Acid Facial (60 mins)
Removes dead cell to encourage fresh new cells to the surface of the skin particularly good for those looking for ingredients that help with anti-aging.


Lymphatic Drainage Facial
Supports flushing out of body toxins
Helps drain the sinuses
Reduces fluid retention, which can define the jaw line & slim the entire face
*Lymphatic drainage can be used as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with other facial treatments


Solar Facial Treatment

Solar Bronzing Treatment SUN*(40 mins)
Application of self-tanning milk, giving a rich tan which lasts up to five days. 99% client satisfaction – no streaking. To maintain your tan at home we stock SUN self-tan milk and will advise you on how to apply correctly.

*NOTE: Please remember to wear loose old clothes when having this treatment.



Cool wax is the most widely used form of waxing, a convenient way of removing large areas of hair growth in a short amount of time.

Using disposable wax, wax strips and spatula, it makes this an extremely hygienic, method and when applied in the surroundings of a salon, it provides a quicker and cleaner service. No fuss, no mess and you are left to go home completely hair-free. Waxing is normally needed every four to six weeks in the summer and less in the winter.

After treatment the legs may appear red and speckled. This will vanish between two to 12 hours’ time, depending on the skin’s sensitivity.

NOTE: Hot Wax available upon request (bikini line or underarm area)

Half-leg wax


Three-quarter leg wax


Full-leg wax


Bikini wax


Brazilian [warm wax]


Brazilian [hot wax]


Underarm wax


Half-arm wax


Full-arm wax




Threading / eyebrow wax


Micro Pigmentation

Upon request. Please call the salon to arrange a consultation.


Permanent hair removal – using highly advanced “Rita Roberts” Digital Blend System. This unique system is only available from experienced practitioners who have undergone further training to offer the advantage of “Blend” technique in addition to their traditional skills. We use only the highest quality disposable needles (9ct gold plated) to ensure the best possible results.

Consultation (we must test the area before commencing treatments)


15 minutes


30 minutes


40 minutes


Milia (Whitehead Removal)

There are two ways to successfully remove whiteheads.
1) Using a needle and heat (diathermy)
2) Using a micro-lance (tiny one sided needle)

15 minute treatment


Skin Tags

The correct name for Skin Tags is filiform warts and they are generally colourless, droopy bits of skin that appear on the neck, arms and body. Skin tags are commonly found on areas that rub against clothing or jewellery, such as around the bra straps or the line of a necklace.

A skilled electrolysist will be able to nip them off using diathermy – the heat desecrates the stalk of the skin tag, and they will drop off in up to 12-14 days. It is painless, quick and permanent.

15 minute session


Cosmetic Eye Treatments

It is compulsory to have a patch test prior to a first-time cosmetic eye treatment or electrolysis.

Eyelash tint


Eyebrow tint


Eyebrow tidy (waxing, threading, tweezer)


Manicure & Pedicure

Standard Manicure / Pedicure: includes nail reshape, cuticle tidy and full hand massage with enamel.

Deluxe Manicure / Pedicure: Excellent for dry, chapped nails and dry skin. Hands and feet are soaked in paraffin wax – excellent results. Highly recommended!

Using O.P.I., BIO, and LCN products. These products are also available to buy from the Salon

Manicure (45mins)
Includes nail reshape, cuticle tidy and full hand massage with enamel.


French Polish Application (55mins)


Luxury Manicure
Excellent for dry chapped nails and dry skin, hands and feet are soaked in paraffin wax. Excellent results, this is highly recommended.


Express Manicure reshape & cuticle work with fresh enamel


Express French Manicure



Extra £1.00

Shellac / Gel Manicure (colour)


Shellac / Gel Manicure (French)


Luxury Pedicure (colour)


Luxury Pedicure (French)


Deluxe Pedicure (including mask)


Express Pedicure (including cuticle work)


Express French Pedicure (including cuticle work)


Shellac Gel Pedicure


Soaking off gel nails (15-20 mins)


Removal of gel plus mini manicure



Take time to relax and enjoy the calming atmosphere of the salon and let us relieve your stress and tension that build up every day. Massage uplifts the mind, body and spirit.

Infrared therapeutic heat lamp used in all back treatments to help ease muscular stress by deeply penetrating knotted muscles. Audio Sonic also available.

Anti-Stress Massage (35 mins)
Using Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil. Includes lower and upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp.


Indian Head Massage (30 mins)


Full Body Swedish Massage (1 hr 15 mins)
Calming and soothing, it includes backs of legs, back, neck and scalp, front of legs, arms, decolte, neck and facial massage.


Full Body Swedish Massage (75 mins)
Calming and soothing it includes backs of legs, back, neck and scalp, front of legs, arms, decolte, neck and facial massage.


Full Body Swedish Massage (90 mins)


Hot Stone Traditional (75 mins)


Thai Body Massage (60 mins)


Thai Body Massage (90 mins)


Thai Body Massage (120 mins)


LaStone Therapy

LaStone Therapy Treatment (90 mins)
This wonderful relaxing therapy uses hot basalt stones placed in position along the spine to warm the muscles of the back. Aromatic oils are applied to the skin and a hot stone is used for a truly deep and penetrating massage. One stroke of massage with a stone is equivalent to ten Swedish strokes. This is one of our best ever treatments and just has to be tried!


Bride-To-Be Package

Bride-To-Be Special Package (3 hrs approx)
Deep-cleanse facial
 Eyelash tint (patch test necessary)
Eyebrow tidy
Full manicure
Full pedicure
Choice of waxing (to the value of £10.00)


Top-To-Toe Package

Top-To-Toe Special Package (2 hrs 30 mins)
Deep-cleanse facial
 Eyebrow tidy
Full manicure
Full pedicure


Ear Piercing

Safe and hygienic, using sterex 9ct. gold studs. After care given. Children under 12 must have written parental consent.

Ear piercing with choice of studs


One ear piercing with choice of stud


Ear studs (pair)


Why Do We Use Dermalogica Products?

This unique approach to skin care, pioneered by Dermalogica, is based on several important differences between Dermalogica and any other skin care product.

No animal testing


Non sensitising lanolin

No residue-forming mineral oil

No irritating artificial colours or fragrance

No drying S.D. alcohol

No formaldehyde preservatives

Hygenic contamination-free packaging

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